HeadBlade MOTO

HeadBlade MOTO

The newest addition to the HeadBlade family is the revolutionary MOTO Razor. It takes everything GREAT about the ATX and makes it better!! This unique design allows the razor blade to pivot up and down (following the contour of the scalp) while the body can lean side to side, just like MOTO GP racer! The dual-active suspension MOTO Razor System uses the same HB4 Refill Blade Cartridges favored by ATX users!

  • Easy and Smooth

    Andrew (Laurium, MI): "I shaved my head a couple weeks ago for the first time, and had been mucking about with a straight razor, nicking myself regularly. I bought a Moto and used it for the first time this morning. What a difference! No nicks, nice close shave, and super easy. This design is excellent!"

  • The Best HeadBlade Yet

    Allan (Erie, PA): "First test drive with the Moto this morning. I've used the original, the Sport, and the ATX, and if this morning's shave is any indication, the Moto tops them all. The pivoting action leads to less strokes to get a completely smooth dome. Very easy action, no nicks, and no irritation whatsoever. Now, the blade is sharp, and you have to be careful and use a gentle touch, but the Moto does the job from there. VERY pleased!"

  • Moto is Awesome

    Erik (Midland, MI): "I've been a Headblader for years and have used every model since the very first one. I thought the ATX was great (though wheels fell off after a year and I had to replace the ATX twice), but the Moto is so much better. The pivot action makes shaving much faster and smoother, and no chance of the ball falling off . Well done Todd and the HB crew!!"


What is HeadBlade?

Wow! You don’t beat around the bush. We love that. Quite simply, HeadBlade is a razor and company built upon one mission: to make shaving easier. HeadBlade, the razor and the company, has been around for over a decade. What started out as a simple razor designed for the head has evolved into a complete lineup of men’s headcare and grooming accessories. The HeadBlade razor is based on the simple idea of making your finger the handle and using a car-like suspension for a nick-free shave. With the HeadBlade your palm and fingers stay in contact with your scalp at all times, allowing you to shave by feel (this is especially helpful on the back of your head, no mirror required). Shaving with a HeadBlade is faster, easier, and just-plain-better than a traditional stick razor. Our newest design, the HeadBlade MOTO, is also great for face, body and leg shaving. Ta-Da!

How long do the blades last?

Blade life depends on your hair type/thickness, length, and how often you shave. The HB4 and HB6 blades should last 6-10 shaves per cartridge. Remember, these are rough estimates and your mileage will vary. To help your blades last longer, we encourage you to wash them clean and allow them to dry. We once talked to a guy who used the same cartridge for 2 months…don’t be that guy. A new blade will always give you the best shave.

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